A dead dog in the snow walks on the road with its last strength


Heavy snow had fallen for two days in a small town in Bulgaria when a local couple found a wounded dog in a snowstorm, which was in painful pain.

The dog, later named Koki, was buried in the snow near the grocery store, shivering and freezing, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

The couple approached the dog, but Koki did not allow him to touch it due to a terrible injury.

When the couple returned to Koki, the poor dog was walking on the road with his last strength, he was going to surrender.

With a bone marrow injury, Koki was thrown into a world of pain and suffering, leaving everything behind when the couple found her again.

The couple realized that the decrease in Koki’s strength meant that he would not last long. They carefully wrapped him in a blanket, desperately trying to save his life.

Because the roads were closed due to snow, they had no choice but to take Koki home.

Kokin was placed in his rescuers‘ house next to the invigorating heat of the heater. He felt better because they were drying the fur, but he still refused to use one tablespoon of immunosuppressant.

Fortunately, the couple was able to gain her trust with the help of sausages. Their small act of kindness inflamed Koki’s broken spirit, and he decided to continue living with a new sense of hope.

Koki received medical treatment after cleaning the vehicle. The couple then found him living forever with a woman who lived 124 miles from their hometown.

Koki is now living a happy, fulfilling life with her new mother’s brother’s brother.

Thank you to this kind couple for sincerely looking for Koki.

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