The Border Collie buried alive under the pile was adopted by the rescuer


Border Collie named Jake leaves his traumatic past when he starts his new life with one of his rescuers, a family pet writes.

Last November, Charlotte and her husband were hiking in the Scottish Highlands when they heard a dog crying and whining.

They approached and found the severely wounded frontier guard buried under a pile of rocks.

They immediately called the Scottish SPCA for help.

Yvonne Slos, one of the Scottish SPCA’s supervising inspectors, said she still had a look back at the heartbreaking moment of finding Jake.

«When I saw Jake, I was just shocked, sad, unbelieving. «His head was so swollen, he was in such a terrible condition.»

The rescuers did not think that the poor dog would survive the night. He arrived at the Glasgow Animal Clinic in a comatose state with large-scale injuries.

But he ignored the chances and passed

After a thorough examination, the veterinarians found out that Jake had a skull fracture, a jaw dislocation, an infection — he had to remove one eye.

The sweet boy underwent all the necessary surgeries and was then received by another inspector in the case, Mark Greener.

Greener said he met Jake during his first week at work and said it was «a day I will never forget.»

He immediately contacted Jake and offered to take care of him during the holidays. The recovering baby began to trust the Greens, and they became inseparable.

Greens could not have imagined life without Jake, so he adopted her.

She describes her new boyfriend as «loving, bright, incredibly appetizing (charming)». Jake his new father would like to thank all his supporters for their contribution to saving his life.

If Jake could talk, he would say: «I’m here because of you, I’m safe, I’m happy.»

Fans of the animal welfare organization hope that the person or people responsible for the «shocking cruelty» will be found and prosecuted.

A man wrote: «It’s sickening. How can anyone do that? We need to find a way to find out who did it. »

Jake is now spending his days swimming, swimming, and finally having the happy ending he deserves. Watch the video below to hear Jake’s full story to see the love of a rescued dog through his new father .

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