The dog learns to love living out of the trash, does not want to leave


The Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control Center received a call about a dog living out of the bin, so rescuers rushed to the scene.

He felt safe and warm here, so he learned to love it. It’s not that he had many other options…

When they arrived, the frightened dog ran straight to his trash can.

It was the only place on earth he knew. But, as they say, one person’s garbage is another’s treasure. Rescuers named him Oscar and returned him to a shelter.

Even there, Oscar continued to show great interest in the garbage. It was then that the rescuers decided to meet and greet the local paramedics. The dog had a fun time in the city.

No matter how much Oscar thinks he wants, he will never have to live out of the trash. A good boy is everything, if not a deception, loves everyone he meets, he will be a treasure for someone for years.

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