She was defending his wounded body when the assailants tried to beat him again


This story is about a poor dog who was beaten in vain. A woman heard him cry and ran to help him, bringing a blanket to cover him. He then turned to the local animal rescue service for help.

While waiting for the group to arrive, the perpetrators returned to beat the dog, which put him in danger.

He was beaten by men for engaging in dog control, but he was not interested.

But, fortunately, the rescue team immediately arrived and took him to a shelter. The dog, named Suki, tried to bite the rescuers because he did not understand what was happening.

Rescuers gave Sookie antibiotics and painkillers to help her sleep well until she was examined by a veterinarian the next day.

It was really difficult to examine him, but the veterinarian was able to do it. Then they tried to feed him, but he was injured and scared.

Within days, Sookie began to realize that she was surrounded by good people who wanted to help her. He began to accept the caress. He was cared for by an older woman who lives with him.

His treatment started, only 2 months later he fully recover. Fortunately, she can now have a wonderful time at her foster home. What a happy ending!

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