The woman takes the pit bull sadly, the dog can not stop cuddling with his new mother


Rescuing a dog from a shelter may be one of the best decisions ever made. Not just to have fun, but to make a lifelong loyal friend.

In the video below, the woman felt on her skin how incredibly grateful the dog can be.

Kayla Falun is a student who likes to volunteer at a local pet shelter

This is how he first met Russ, a young dog who had some health problems. The two immediately hit it off, and soon the woman decided they should be best friends. Forever!

„He came in as a tramp, he was beaten,“ the young woman told The Dodo. „She was missing the fur on her tail. He was also very thin. „He was just sitting there looking at me.

And I thought, ‚I have to take him now.‘

So he took Ross with him, and the dog got a chance to taste what it was like to be home.

To show his new owner how much he appreciates that he has given him home forever to bathe in love, the dog will not stop cuddling with him.

„One night I was sitting in a chair doing my homework, he was trying to find ways to hug me,“ he said. „Frankly, he’s such a love mistake.“

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