Children warn adults of stray dogs on the road, learn about its sad story


Some of the children found a dog lying on the side of the road blowing air, and they were able to call rescuers before it was too late.

But they were in a race against time. The wanderer had a serious infection could not move on his own…

Doctors resuscitated Nika, her X-ray showed a broken spine and movement.

These injuries did not occur after the accident. Who could do such a thing to an innocent animal? He was going to die, but now… a second chance.

The dog needed urgent surgery, they were not sure he would ever walk again. It was clear that he was not sure about everything around him, but everyone worked tirelessly to gain his trust.

Thanks to a lot of love and care, Nika came to life with more than one horse. His personality began to shine, he was placed in a wheelchair, where he made every effort.

Finally a happy new life for the sweet girl

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