The frightened dog was lying under a coat with only a few rotten food next to it.


A stray dog was found, someone decided to leave him a coat and food but did not take him inside.

Rescuer Shafi Taru was alerted about the situation and appeared to find the dog next to the rotten food, because. scared as it could be.

Who could leave such an innocent dog here? He was immediately taken to hospital, where they found that his legs had been broken in three different places. No wonder the poor baby felt so bad…

The note remained to itself for a while, before finally turning the corner. They were discharged to go home after a successful operation, after which he began to come out of his shell.

With a little help from friends, Notka settled into her house and learned how to be a pet.

It’s so different from the life he was used to, but it took all the hard work to get here. See the sweet girl today.

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