The mother dog takes strangers through the buildings to the needy puppy


The mother dog took Animal Aid rescuers back to some buildings where her puppy was in dire need of help.

There was blood coming out of the baby’s mouth, it seemed like blood was coming out. Mom just helped save her life…

They took Trinket to the hospital for a checkup, where they found a broken jaw. They could not be sure how it happened, but they cleaned him up and gave him painkillers.

They did not find any other injuries, so now is the time for rehabilitation.

He had to be fed with a syringe until his little jaw healed, and rescuers were more than happy to help him see it.

After all, Trinket dominates as well as the new one. And it’s all thanks to his mother, who asked for help, Animal Aid rescuers, who gave everything. Amazing!

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