Her sick father was about to die, but that’s when a deer showed up


The story of Latricia Thomas is circulating on the Internet for good reason. Recently, a real miracle was revealed in the touching praise of the dead father.

„Thank you so much for all the warm words and support after we lost my father. I wanted to share with you the story I wrote about his last days, which I read at his funeral.

When my dad was a hunter. Every year, on the weekend of the opening of the bow season, you can find him on a tree, the dawn of his abode.

Over the years, he changed his gun with a camera, instead of teaching his children and grandchildren how to enjoy his favorite hobby.

Last week, two days before his death, Dad met his money.

It was wonderful, 10 points, six spikes on one side and four on the other. He came to the window, where his father was sitting in his favorite chair, and looked inside, just himself.

„A few minutes later he was on the balcony, literally squeezing the handle to try to get inside. Dad got up in the rare energy of those last days, opened the door, and held out his hand.

And that deer, which he had never seen, rested in his arms and allowed my father to caress him. A wild animal that, in just a few minutes, was accustomed to being raised like a puppy. My father looked at him, he looked at his father, and my father just said, „I’m ready.“

„After eight years of fighting a disease that would not leave him alone, he was ready. She was ready after the birth of her 3 children 9 grandchildren. After meeting the animal he had been waiting for for years, he was ready.

Dad was sitting in his chair again when my brother and sister and I went out to see Buck. He weakened each of us, putting his head on our shoulders and licking our faces. He was never shaken or shaken all the time. ”

„When we entered, my father said. „You do not understand. That was my dad, let him take me home. He just wanted to see his grandchildren 30 years later. ”

My father was calmer for the next few hours than I would think for weeks, maybe months.

And while the deer was running across the field, my father would come to life, he said, „He will come back, once more.“

„The father died two days later, in the house that his grandfather had built with both hands. The father rebuilt and called Villa, holding the hands of his children’s loving friend Nancy.

When the hospice nurse came, she mentioned how many deer we had in the area. I took out pictures of „Daddy’s Buck“ to show him our incredible encounter. And he looked at the first picture and said: „I just saw the same Buck walking around this house.“

„He had come to take his father home once. It is difficult to describe what it feels like to witness a miracle. But seeing my father without fear, in the days when we said goodbye, I will always be grateful. ”

„Dad’s last trip on his motorcycle, Gray, was to Iowa, a farm baseball field where the ‚Dream Field‘ movie was made. I think he knew this was going to be his last trip.

He took the picture you see on the prayer cards tonight, walking toward the corn that surrounds the fields.

In the film, the father of K. Costner’s character, who returns once to play baseball with his son, asks: „Is this a position?“ And his son answers, „It’s Iowa.“

„Iowa?“ His father says. „I could swear this is heaven.“

„Is there a paradise?“ His son asks.

„Oh, yes.“ He answers. „It’s the place where dreams come true.“

These are the long-awaited reunions, the peaceful journeys, the boundless energy, the sweet dreams of that smile that none of us will ever forget.

I love you, Dad. “

What a wonderful story to see! Thanks to Patricia for sharing this with everyone.

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