The dog’s mother chases after the truck that took her cubs


A dog rescuer named Carl was alerted by several friends to a situation where kittens‘ litter was living under a pile of wood at a demolition site. The locals tried to take the cubs out, but they were very scared.

So Carl went to help, put some food water to get them out.

The puppies finally started to come out, they were able to catch each of them. But they have to come back in the next few days to try to find their mother.

And when they noticed him, he was even more stingy than his cubs.

But one of the community members who was feeding him intended to try to catch the dog. He said that if he took the cubs, the mother would follow.

So the man picked up the cubs in his truck and drove to Carly’s house for 10 minutes.

What do you know? Mom went back all the way. They would have to make frequent stops for several miles to give him water breaks, but in the end, he succeeded.

After all, at home, it will take about a week for the mother to feel comfortable enough to go home. But when he did, he was happy to rest with his little ones.

It just shows the mother’s willingness to go the extra mile to do whatever is necessary for her offspring.

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