Gray whale mother lifts her calf out of the water to be fed by the boat


We all enjoy touring areas, especially the turquoise-blue oceans, as well as places with sea animals. The charm of the sea can not be described even in words.

A group of travelers has just escaped enjoying the sights of the sea. They went to San Ignacio Shallows, located on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.

This small team of travelers noticed a large crowd moving under their water boat as they took a sightseeing tour.

Instead, they were initially frightened and worried because they could not recognize the large crowd. It became a motherfucker just trying to be nice to people.

He did not come to travel alone but instead went with his calf.

The mother whale even lifted the calf bone out of the water to show the baby. The good news for these vacationers is that they were able to touch both the mother and the whale.

It was an incredible opportunity for them, as he was very happy.

Hundreds of gray whales fly 6,000 miles from their feeding grounds in Alaska each winter. In January-April, these creatures come to San Ignacio Bay to mate and give birth.

They like this exact area because of its surface water.

If you visit this place, you can hear the „off“ noise of the whales exhaling from their holes when they reach the sea surface. This audio is considered to be the most caring: softest sound in the world.

This area is famous for watching sports, as there are many spots there.

The local authorities have taken the necessary measures to maintain the balance between tourists and conservation.

They have made the right effort to eliminate the many significant threats to the shallows.

Spotting hints play an important role in saving points as well as stopping point searches.

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