Veteran’s service dog is given away while he’s in ICU, he wakes up devastated


Larry is a veteran and Sandy Girl is his emotional support dog. Two of them were in a car accident, after which Larry was taken to hospital, where he spent three days at university.

Police at the scene left Sandy’s daughter in the care of a neighbor, but the neighbor had to fly to California.

Unable to care for the dog, they asked another dog owner at the local dog park to care for Sandy’s daughter.

Larry’s recovery took time, Sandy Girl got lost in the mess when the story was retold, she passed from person to person…

Believing that Sandy was abandoned, someone cared for him, did not know that Larry needed him. The police found out some details, but the trace was lost. Determined to find her, Larry posted a poster

Ax’s detective work yielded results when the news spread, Sandy’s guardian called to say he was with her. The ax told Larry to film the moment they found each other.

What a sweet meeting!

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