The mother and puppy were left in the desert to be cared for


Hope For Paws received a call about two dogs abandoned in the desert, travelling to the border of California, Arizona and Nada. It was here that the wanderers found refuge in the company of trains.

The mother was very protective of her puppy, the two of them were never touched by people. So it took rescuers some time to build trust.

They could not allow the dogs to retreat and hide under the structure, so they carefully set up a giant trap for two hours.

To help Phryne and Essie adjust to their new arrangement, rescuers left their food and water behind to stay at a motel on the Colorado River.

They returned the next morning and made a final action plan.

After a few minutes of rough stress, everything was worth it.

It was much better than giving dogs the opportunity to starve in the hot desert. Frin և Essie went to a pet hospital for a bubble bath, and L.A. Animal Rescue decided to take care of them.

And the two dogs have already appeared so far under their care. Watch them in the video below.

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