His family left him in the shelter because he was too old and ugly


„The picture is worth a thousand words: Ritter’s picture is no different… Ritter’s negative reaction to the shelter immediately was heartbreaking.“

This is how the humanitarian community of the Hamilton area of Indiana presented a heartbreaking photo of a dog while he was staying in a shelter, writes dogheirs.com.

Ritter was left in a shelter because her family lost her home. In the photo, a 4-year-old American bulldog, who lived with dogs and children, is lying next to a kennel.

His head is in despair and sadness.
The society added. „This is the reality that our pets face every day – nausea and despair.“

But the sad truth does not prevent the shelter from doing everything possible to give dogs like Ritter a second chance. They shared on Facebook.

„We are his second chance. It’s time to dump her and move on.

A place to heal his heart. We have to share his facial story. Ritter is happy to be there! Share this post we will find him together.

Well, it did not take long for Ritter’s heartbreaking picture to go viral. „Lost Soul“ was adopted by Sophie Marin, who wrote on Facebook: „I adopted him! Take him on Thursday and love him forever. ”

The Hamilton County Humanitarian Association in Indiana is grateful to everyone who shared Ritter’s story to help her achieve her „happiness.“

They mentioned that Ritter’s photo was taken by their volunteer Alan Vlasuk and that the moment he captured it was something that all the cats and dogs in their shelter shared.

Alan captured „that moment“ in which all the dogs and cats living in the shelters live. Many people are not lucky enough to have an amazing photographer who will witness those moments of sadness, disappointment and despair.

But please do not make a mistake, they all feel it. “

They want people who have seen Ritter’s photo to remember it, to remember it in the future.

„Our encouraging request is that each of you now consider adopting one of the hundreds of animals still waiting longer than Ritter (like Paul, also pictured here, who currently holds the record for the longest wait in our care).

all equally heartbreaking viral photos that still need to be taken. ”

Source: dogheirs.com

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