The forgotten horse spent its life in a muddy pen, where it slowly starved for 19 years


The Dakota horse spent 19 years of his life in a small, medium-sized pen, where he starved to death and was 400 pounds underweight, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

In addition to lack of food, he also lacked basic care, and his teeth and hooves were severely neglected and overgrown.

Fortunately, his owner finally handed him over to PETA staff, who took him to a care facility where he received the emergency medical care he had needed for so long.

It was then that Dakota finally got its first taste of fresh herbs in 19 years.

Today Dakota has a large, clean area to run and play. He no longer needs to worry about being confined to a dirty, small pen with no food or water.

After receiving appropriate care, he also gained 300 pounds.

In addition to recovering, Dakota was adopted by a loving family during the holidays. Dakota and her new little man, Brin, are inseparable, they have already formed a special bond.

Dakota now experiences things she has never enjoyed before. She recently had her first carrots, and now she loves them.

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