The dog left behind with the family ate stones, waiting for their return


Hope For Paws got a call about an older dog left by his family and they went straight to work.

When they arrived, relatives told them that the dog owners had left about a year ago and left their older dog to care for them on their own.

The poor dog stayed right next to the family’s old house, hoping they would return for it, but they never did. And they never will. But fortunately, Stevie’s life was close to a turning point.

Lisa Arturo Ջ Joan Ann Wiltz worked to save the dog, but she was so scared she kept running away from them. They were waiting for him to return to the abandoned house, and it was then that they were able to catch him.

Steve did not realize that rescuers were there to help, but he would soon feel much-needed love and care.

Returning to the institutions, the first step was to bathe Steve.

This is when they noticed several tumours all over the dog’s body. X-rays then revealed Stevie’s stomach stones, which he had eaten when he was starving, awaiting the return of his masters.

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