The dying wild fox rescued by man became his best friend


Keeping wild animals at home is as difficult as taking care of domesticated animals. Here is the story of Wood Yaroslav, who cared for the fox.

Woody grew up on a hair farm, as he was predetermined by what end he would be satisfied with.

Yaroslav entered the barn as he fell in love with Woody. However, this was not so clear, as in Russia it is legal to have hairy animals on the farm in some areas.

So Yaroslav wasted no time in getting Woody out of the barn.

In the early days, Woody was not as happy to be with Yaroslav as he was not to associate with anyone. Woody has suffered from a change in his environment.

Gradually, two weeks later, they started creating that link. Woody stayed with Yaroslav at his residence because of quarantine, as foxes can cause disease.

After that, Yaroslav set up a very special kennel for Woody so that he could spend his time outside.

Woody was a really naughty fox who made a lot of passes there, as he often did.

He spoke to the owners of the furry animal ranch, and they agreed to offer Yaroslav the fox, saying that he would surely pay them the price they would get for his fur.

Yaroslav was a little worried about Woody because he realized he would not be able to adapt to the wild. Woody spent his time on the ranch so he was not ready to live in the wild.

Currently, Woody is really happy because he eats well, in addition to vegetables, he eats natural foods such as meat, cottage cheese, fruits. His favorite food is persimmon.

It is really difficult for wildlife to live a domesticated life because they are not domestic dogs.

It is also difficult for Yaroslav, as foxes are not used as habitats. But what Yaroslav provided to Woody deserves appreciation.

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