The family leaves after selling the house, the faithful dog says he is not coming


It is disturbing to think that some owners think that it is normal to leave pets when you leave, writes g2a-etc.

As the family prepared to move into their new home, they made it very clear that they did not want their dog, Madison, to appear in their new home.

They just sold the house and left the dog to starve and rot on the huge and empty property.

When the realtor came to inspect the house, he was horrified to see a frightened and confused Madison waiting inside for people to come back for him.

The agent had been feeding Madison for several weeks, hoping the family would do something about her. Finally, he realized that the dog was abandoned forever. So he got in touch with the Hope For Paws rescue team.

When rescuers arrived to retrieve Madison, Pooh immediately screwed out to hide between the two walls. He did not want to leave with the rescuers because he thought he would have to wait for his family to return.

After some struggle, Madison realized painfully that her family did not want her. While plotting the betrayal, he hung his defeated head and soon followed the rescuers.

Madison was honoured with lice and ticks after being ignored for weeks.

The rescuers took him a good bath. After some time in custody, Madison found her eternal home with a loving woman who loves her. We thank everyone who helped this sweet urchin live with dignity again.


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