The couple grabbed the dog’s face and cried after someone left him on the road with only a blanket


This story is not easy to tell. We also strongly advise you to be careful when watching the video below. The story ends with joy.

However, the dog goes through a lot to get there. The man and the woman were driving on a busy road when they saw a figure lying on their shoulders. They immediately withdrew.


The figure was a wounded dog. Someone had left him there with a serious head injury and a severe leg fracture.

As if they were sorry, they put his head on a cardboard box and covered him with a blanket.

The couple was excited. Who could leave a precious dog like that?

He was carefully loaded into their car and driven straight to the veterinary clinic.

The dog was fighting. He was in a lot of pain. The woman sat down with him and spoke slowly as he waited for the painkiller to come in.

The veterinarian cleaned the head wound and then prescribed surgery.

His foot needed his immediate attention if he ever walked again.

The dog, despite everything he went through, was so sweet and patient. He did not do anything against people because he was treated unfairly. He was preparing for surgery. He was so brave.

When he woke up from the operation, the veterinarian told the couple the good news. He did a wonderful job. His recovery will take a long time, it is still going on, but everyone is sure that he will live fully. Happy life.

The couple decided to adopt him, now they are doing everything to pay the heavy royalties of his veterinarians.

We are so calm that this dog was found by the right people at the time. There is never an excuse to leave an animal behind. We are disgusted with his master’s actions, but in the end, the dog won.

Let’s send this baby all our love and best wishes.

He deserves it.

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