While the other dogs were playing, the neglected Haskie sat frozen in a corner in fear


This story is fascinating, but we promise a happy ending.

This is when Harbin SHS rescuers arrived and found more than 2,000 dogs on a property in Harbin, China.

But because of the saddest of all the dogs, one of them stood out the most.

While all the other dogs were running and playing together, this dog was sitting frozen in the corner, scared and alone, writes ilovemydog.

He was also not in the best condition. His fur was very dirty, mixed with faeces. He was malnourished and very scared.

It was obvious that this poor Husky’s cub had been neglected for quite some time.

They decided to take this dog and name it Harriet. As soon as they got in the car, he got stuck in the volunteer’s arms and finally felt safe for the first time.

They took her to a veterinarian, who estimated that Harriet was about eight months old.

It’s just that puppy Harriet has already felt sadder than ever before a dog. But, fortunately, he was finally in the right hands and was now on his way to recovery.

Fortunately, in addition to the obvious illnesses, Harriet was quite healthy. The first thing they did was bathe him and shave his dirty tangled skin.

From there, he went to live at their rescue centre, where he would be treated for the next two months.

Over the weeks, Harriet’s fur began to grow again, and she began to come out of her shell. He was such a loving, friendly cub, և now it’s time for him to find a home forever.

A Canadian woman named Rosie Valley saw a picture of Harriet on the Internet and immediately realized that she wanted to adopt her.

A Harriet volunteer flies to San Francisco, where she will meet her new mother for the first time.

From there, Harriet began her new life in Canada.

But with her new life came a new name, Bailey. In addition to her new mother, she has three new dog sisters, with whom she has a great relationship.

See how happy Bailey looks in this photo with her mom.

It such a wonderful photo happy ending. Be sure to watch the video below and and be sure to share this story with a friend or family member, says ilovemydog.

Bailey loves his new life է goes on fun adventures with his new family.

He has come a long way since the frostbite in that corner of the property, all thanks to the volunteer veterinarians who helped him along the way.

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