The dog, who has been thirsty for days, finds a thrown bucket and asks for water


The summer season of 2017 was extremely difficult for the people of Peru.

They were hit by a severe drought that claimed many lives in extremely hot weather. Unfortunately, many stray pets have died due to the inability to find water.

The video at the time, in which a homeless dog carried a rack and grabbed passers-by in the Peruvian capital, Lima, for watering it, actually broke the hearts of a few.

Or it happened a few years ago, but recently it has spread again to advise people on what street dwellers experience every day.

Fortunately, one citizen who noticed the heartbreaking scene poured some water into the bucket, but the inadequate domestic dog hoped that he would certainly get extra from others as he was very dehydrated.

One of the passers-by refused the family, stroked his head, and tried to force him to drop the bucket so that he could drink the water, but the dog refused because he thought they were going to take it from him.

The sad fact is that there are millions of other homeless animals, such as this pet, that ask for food and water every day.

It’s hard to take care of them, so we all need to reach out when we see them fighting.

You can watch the heartbreaking video listed below. Please share it with your family and friends to help you recognize the difficult life of homeless pets.

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