The dying horse lost weight and was abandoned. Six months later, he gained about 400 pounds


A four-year-old horse named Benny was dying on the verge of death. She was brought to Last Stop Horse Rescue, a Horse Shelter, adoption and rehabilitation program in Prentice, Maine.

The sanctuary takes care of abused, hungry, neglected horses and feeds their health.

When Benny arrived at the shrine, he weighed only 562 pounds and was so weak that he could not even stand on his own.

From then on, the LSHR staff worked hard to get Ben back to good health. They knew it would not be easy, but they refused to surrender.

They put him in a sling that hung from a barn log to stop him. They gave him a small amount of food so he could start eating again. With each passing day, Benny grew stronger, and so did his appetite.

After spending two weeks in the sling, he finally stopped on his own for the first time.

Six months later, Benny raised almost 400 and returned to his normal horse.

Looking at his journey from the unhealthy, weak horse that almost died to the healthy and beautiful horse that is Benny today, it is almost hard to believe that it is the same animal.

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