The neglected cat transforms after getting rid of 5 pounds of matted fur


In November 2018 Chicago’s anti-violence culture received a phone call about a neglected Persian cat named Simbad living alone in the basement of an elderly man who could not take care of him.

When private investigators went to the man’s residence to inspect the cat, they were surprised to find it. The domestic cat was so neglected that he was trapped in his hair, he could barely walk.

The hair was so tangled and thick, that it was filled with dust and dirt.

Private investigators talked to the senior man, who agreed to hand Simbad over to an animal shelter. They rushed to Simbad Shelter as the team cut his skin for hours. In the end, he looked like a whole new cat.

No matter how she feels, Simbad is very sweet and likes to get tenderness from everyone. Although he has not been treated well in his life, he still loves individuals.

«The poor cat was grateful for any kind of warmth he received as he removed the cocoon of his rugs.»

Fortunately, a boy named Elina caught Simbad and gave him a permanent home. He is enjoying his new home, just like he’s his brand new dad.

After all, a lovely old pet cat has found a wonderful place to appreciate a satisfying life.

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