The camera recorded the man stopping his car on a busy road to save the cat’s life


A Russian man showed the level of compassion and modesty we would like all people to achieve when he left the busy road to save the life of a poor, defenceless kitten.

In the stress video, a small kitten sighs in the centre of the stormy road, narrowly preventing death over and over again as many trucks pass by without letting the kitten out of injury.

Several times in the video, cars, like trucks, drive over a kitten, which, fortunately, remained unharmed, appearing between the wheels, as opposed to under them.

Some cars revolve around a kitten, but they still dangerously leave the kitten close to being hit.

Our hearts stayed in our throats all the time as we watched the cars with excitement.

Or it is clear that drivers see a small cat while driving, no one makes any effort to stop it, to save its life.

Instead, the flow of traffic to the site continues unabated, while the poor, terrified kitten tries to reach the side of the road.

However, the car finally stops.

The man gets out of the car, and he does what no one had the heart to do. leaves his car and also walks to keep the kitten.

The man sighs as he chooses the frightened kitten from the road and then takes it with him to his car.

We’re so happy that the kitten was conserved and has been located in a home where it will be safe, enjoyed and looked after.

Degtyarev is a real hero as well as we hope that his important display of empathy will affect others to in fact act when they see somebody in distress.

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