The saddest dog is waiting for someone to finally give him the love he deserves, he is sad


The saddest little dog, later named Dora, wasted a pound on the city. He was underweight, had skin problems, and suffered emotional injuries.

Fortunately, Howl Of A Dog, a fantastic rescue team that works tirelessly to rescue dogs in situations like Dora’s, has found him to save him from the average pound, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

He was taken inside to receive appropriate medical care.

But his physical health was half that. He needed to be healed from within. Howl Of A Dog did not know the story behind it, but they could see the extreme sadness in his eyes.

They had to act quickly to heal him completely.

Volunteers took him to a veterinary clinic and began working on his physical symptoms. A nice bath was the first step. But even when their loving hands touched her, Dora seemed to be stuck in her traumatic past.

His eyes still ached so much, that his tail did not move. Did he realize he was saved? No, not yet.

He kept walking, his head down, his tail between his legs. “ It was as if he had surrendered. But his rescuers do NOT abandon him.

After two long weeks, he began to see that his life was far away from before; his tail began to move with a slight movement. But there was still a lot to go.

The dog, who has completely surrendered, is given EVERYTHING so that he can feel love for the first time. Will it finally change those sad eyes? Or will it be too late?

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