The baby cow and the little pig, after being rescued together, form an unbreakable bond


Lionel – the cow Amos – the pig, after losing their families, chose to be each other’s family. Erin from Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary was more than happy to receive them together.

The South Florida SPCA called Erin about the couple and explained that they should be saved together. They had a special connection, they could not be separated.

Amos treated Lionel like a mother. He ran under her when she was scared or anxious. Then Lionel cleaned Amos or rubbed his head to make him feel safe.

When they first arrived at the shelter, they hesitated to leave, but made new friends and, after a while, began to rest. Lionel was more comfortable running, and Amos quickly followed him.

They both sincerely love each other, it was interesting to see their dynamics. Amos loves mud and Lionel loves no, but they are never far from each other.

Both appear in their mud socks. Lionel, on the other hand, loves piles of grass. Amos is not interested, but Amos will still join Lionel.

Erin says it’s heartbreaking and reassuring that they have learned to love each other despite what Amos and Lionel have been through. They were supposed to be in a hopeless situation, but they helped each other stay strong.

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