Hungry, cold puppy, covered with bitten marks, thrown in a box in the middle of the field


Leaving a dog on the street after giving it a sense of how it feels in a warm home, what a friend feels, is simply cruel. But some people are not even satisfied, just leaving them, they find new ways to be crueller, writes dog full.

In Mississippi, employees of the Tunica Humane Society found a poor dog, the condition of the poor dog was miserable, he was left in a cage, hungry and cold in cold weather, rescuers were so sad to see the scene. them.

The poor dog had bite marks all over his body, he still had fresh tires on the cruel owner’s car.

The dog was wet, he could not get out of the cage to find shelter from the storm, find food to hold on to.

Sandy Williams of the Tunica Humane Society recalls how when you pulled a dog out of a cage, you could see that it was almost starving to death.

The staff shared a video where you can see how sad they were when they found the poor puppy in that miserable condition, the puppies were named Melanie.

„It was January, the end of winter. He had stormed the night before. Hard cold rain. The puppy had no way to seek refuge. He had to endure the heavy rain in that open field all night.

His body was covered with bitten marks and open wounds. How could anyone in this world treat an innocent puppy so cruelly? ”

Melanie’s story made the staff angry with their previous owner, they swore to find her made them pay.

„Who the hell does that?“ I’m going to do my best to find out. Does anyone in Tunica County know anything about this? „Someone knows this little dog,“ the post reads.

Melanie needed to warm up, so rescuers wrapped her in a warm blanket, and she received the care she needed at the Tunica Humane Society shelter.

The sweet puppy was a great success as he soon found an eternal home, and the Baumgard family took him into their home.

„Melanie and Lou are in love today. A fairytale ending for this sweet, little puppy who endured so much in the first few weeks of his life, ”the staff shared.

Animal heroes deserve all the respect in the world.


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