The lone camel becomes the best sprouts with the cow cub


There are many animals in Speranza Animal Rescue. When Sir Camelot, the camel calf, arrived, rescuers thought he would have no problem making friends. But the other animals ran away from him.

The Camelot would stand in the middle of the field, crying. He shouted, telling everyone how sad he was to be alone. Even the farm dog barked at him.

It was then that rescuers learned they had to find a deliberate friend for Camelot. Then came Benjamin, who was two weeks younger than Camelot.

At first, the two animals looked at each other from a distance.

Then the rescuers slept in the same area, between which there is only a gate. Soon the two animals were leaving each other every morning.

Camel Cows chase after each other all day, touching each other as if it were a long game. They touch their noses and try to attract each other’s attention.

Sir Kamelot is the perfect older brother, only he has a problem sharing. When he owns something, such as a bucket or a stalk of grass, he does not want to share it with Ben.

If Ben touches Camelot’s belongings, the camel will bark and even become angry.

Aside from Kem’s inability to play well what he thinks belongs to him, Ben’s having fun every day. It’s so wonderful that this kitten camel found a true friend in a cowboy.

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