What a hero! We’ll never get tired of seeing stories like this


Eduard posted a story on Facebook that is shaking the internet. As he saw a small dog get out of the car and take refuge inside the tunnel.

He tried to help but was afraid to scare the dog into a deeper tunnel. It was then that he called the Woonsocket police. Shortly afterwards, Officer Joy Brasilia came to the rescue.

Without hesitation, he took off his shoes and socks and entered the tunnel.

The caption of the photo said:

„I wanted to share this picture with everyone I could Saturday. On April 30, a small dog was running freely and was scared of a passing car.

It ran to the tunnel, which flows into a nearby stream. He was stuck for about 20-25 feet, clinging to the side. We tried to help, but we were afraid to scare him further.

A call to the Woonsocket Fire Department sent Officer Joy to Brazil for help. He entered without hesitation and came out with a very wet, frightened little dog. Wonderful boy, lucky dog.

We are very happy that he was able to save the little girl. Despite all the negatives that people say about the police in the square, I thought we should see a positive moment.

To most people, this may not seem like much, but for us, that scared little dog meant a lot, because death was definitely at the end of that tunnel. Thank you, Officer I hope the dog is feeling well. ”

What a hero! We will never get tired of seeing such stories.

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