The policeman saved the life of the dog that was tied to the pole


Florida police received a call regarding these two dogs.Employee Angela Laurela found out that there was a dog tied there.

Unfortunately, there is no road camera in this area, so he cannot say how long he has been in this state or who left them.

The dog was tied to a pole and as soon as the policeman came to help him, the animal approached and reached thehomme.Il it was terribly hot outside, so Angela realized that she had to act quickly.

The dog was very weak and could not move normally. He was skinny, dehydrated, unable to bouger.Il just approached her very slowly, reached out to the dog and gave the animal a paw as if asking for help.

Then the policeman called the animal shelter and they took the dog.Liam is now eating more than ever, regaining his stamina and visiting the vet regularly.Fortunately, he is surrounded by love and the staff is doing their best to help him recover quickly.

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