Neighbors construct a doggie door in their fence so that their dogs may meet up as they please


Potate, or Tate, was a street dog when the couple ran into her.

Tate’s had been so unlucky in her early years, but her fortune started changing when the Grahams fostered her.

After Tate had settled in with her new family, she noticed another being just over their fences.

It turned out that the being was their next-door’s neighbor’s dog, Vernon.

Despite the fact that the tall fence was a barrier between them, they both knew they would find a long-lasting friendship beyond it.

Having had enough of the fascination and anticipation of finally meeting, Vernon and Tatet began excavateing a hole beneath it.

The owners were doing their best to get them to stop, but nothing would hold them back from each other.

Hailee came up with arranging a playdate for them to keep the fence and their delightful dogs charmed and in high spirits. But then a brilliant, even better idea crossed her mind, a doggy door.

Hailee asked her father to build a doggie door there so the dogs could have fun at any moment they wanted and not bother their owners, and the fence wouldn’t be drawn in holes.

As her idea came with success, Hailee wishes that this doggie door may inspire others to be more free and nice to their neighbors.

Tate couldn’t have been any merrier and gratified, having a devoted and amiable family and a best friend she can see whenever her heart desires.

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