After all, a kitten from a shelter meets his „brother from another mom“ and becomes enamored with it


The adorable kitty called Unagi was found on June 26th.

When a lady noticed on the web that a kitty that looked precisely like her cat, Suzume, and he was in the animal control center in Japan, where kitties may only live for a week, she knew she had to foster him.

She took a day off, got in her car at 4:30 a.m., and drove to grant him a new home. Suzume was overjoyed to meet Unagi when he arrived.

They developed a brotherly relationship instantly after meeting and have been intertwined ever since.

Suzume is Unagi’s heartfelt and selfless brother; he himself is a rescue cat who recognizes that love and warmth are all Unagi requires.

Introducing Unagi, the cat that was rescued on the same day he was about to be executed. Unagi is relieved to have a family and a sibling who is just like him.

Unagi was initially terrified and remained in the box. Suzume, like Unagi, was a rescued cat, so he knew precisely how to handle his new brother.

When the pair first encountered one other, they just made eye contact from a distance. But, thanks to Suzume’s attempts to make Unagi feel at ease, they eventually got engaged.

Suzume is eager to learn more about Unagi. Thus they are together so much time having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

Unagi pursued Suzume everywhere so much that they both forgot what „privacy“ meant. Unagi will cram himself into every available place.

Bath time, snuggle time, and playtime are all great methods for them to connect. Suzume doesn’t care if Unagi is way too touchy sometimes.

They adore one other’s presence. And, just like truthful brothers, they will always be there for one other.

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