Even throughout the war, the cat cafe in Ukraine keeps caring for its 20 members


The cat cafe has been in business in Lviv for over six years and has developed to touch lots of people’s hearts engaged.

„I have a dedicated staff of extremely close colleagues who have been collaborating with me for some years and have become my dearest friends,“ the owner Serhii Oliinyk noted while speaking to The Dodo.

„Since our furry residents adore the public’s attention, they are now used to caring for and playing with them when there are some guests.“

The café is like a home to 20 cats that are pleased to greet visitors and chill with them as they dine or relax.

It’s now a paradise for Lviv citizens, where people can come to escape their concerns and simply have fun with cats that are always thrilled to see them.

Many Ukrainians have emigrated as a result of war, but it doesn’t have to do anything with Oliinyk. He and his family are going to live and stay at the café.

„Our cats have resided in the café since they were four months old,“ Oliinyk remarked. „To me, they’re like a warmhearted and happy family.“

We decided we’d never abandon our homeland since that was the only place we could see ourselves living our future.“

We decided we’d never abandon our country since that was the only place we could see ourselves in the future.“

Despite the war and ambiguity, the cafe has chosen to continue to open its door to people.

They’ll strive to get a secure environment for visitors to show us a visit and say hi to the kittens, which Ukraine may crave now more than ever.

„We have very few clients nowadays,“ Oliinyk noted, „but there are some who have arrived from much farther and request hot meals and jolly moods.“

„Our café has three massive halls, two of which are settled in the cellar, so our customers and cats will be secure in order to avoid an air raid alarm.“

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