Street cats discovered these holes and are now having fun and living their best life


Nyan Kichi is a prominent Japanese Instagram photographer known for his exquisite cat pics.

Some of his most popular works depict stray cats enjoying life by playing with waste pipe holes.

The cats simply love him around so much that they perform some hopping and springing tricks whenever he appears.

They are a joy to see and completely give a new lease on life the videogame Whac-A-Mole.

Check out Nyan Kichi’s stunning shots, and follow him on Instagram for more kitty photos.

These stray cats flock around him every time he comes for a short performance. It’s something we rarely see on the streets, but it’s certainly hilarious.

It entails squeezing into and out of drainpipe tubes, and it appears to be a lot of fun. Just look at how majestically they jump into the air.

These kitties have no toys to play with. As a result, they just develop their own kind of entertainment.

They turned the entire street into their own playhouse, and it appears that no toy can compete with their glee. For these kitties, simple life is the way to go.

And they are unquestionably enjoying life and getting the best possible from life.

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