A man who rescued two stray pit bulls is saved from assault by these sweethearts


When you wish to have a dog, the greatest option is to get one from a shelter since it provides an unwanted or homeless pup a fresh start.

Furthermore, canines never let you behind since they put their lives in danger for the sake of yours, even if you foster them from a shelter.

That’s what occurred to Robert McGowan, a kindhearted man who got two pit bulls from a rescue center. Pit bulls have a bad image, which makes them the most prevalent dog type seen in shelters.

The canines who had been dumped had had a terrible life. The owner just ignored this stigma and opted to give the canines, called Ladybug and Ellabelle, a lifelong home.

Four people unexpectedly attacked Robert in his garage one midnight.

He was struck in the eye and ordered to hand over the keys to his car because they intended to take it. The keys, according to Robert, were inside.

When the door opened, the two heroes immediately drove the intruders away and began barking furiously.

The man stated that the dogs made an excellent job of saving him by remaining next to him and ensuring that he was not injured further.

As a result, the four individuals bolted. Robert told his experience, claiming that his pets are not violent, but rather caring because they did not hesitate even for a sec to rescue his life.

Please consider adopting a rescue dog; it might save your life! These pit bulls are very courageous and devoted!

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