Animal abusers will officially be reported, same as sex abusers


Over the years, far too many videos of animal abuse have gone widely popular. PETA and other anti-barbarism groups have launched various programs to assist animals to enjoy violence-free life.

With the increasing number of incidents, a project such as an Animal-Abuse Registry is a significant step forward.

Animal abusers, like sex offenders, will be charged $50 and have to give a current photo, name, nicknames, birthdates, residences, and offense information.

This register will be used by pet stores and adoption facilities to gain background information about probable owners.

First-time criminals will be documented for two years, while subsequent crimes will be listed for five years.

Those who refuse to register will spend a year in jail and a pay $1000 fine.

According to Suffolk County senator Jon Cooper, „there is a very high association between animal abuse and domestic violence, and nearly every serial murderer begins by abusing animals, so in a bizarre sense, we may eventually come to defending someone’s life.“

With Tennessee being the first state to implement such a record in January 2016, it has grown in popularity.

Cities such as New York and Cook County, Illinois have backed the group despite having a local register.

Animal cruelty has been linked to numerous incidences of domestic violence, according to Suffolk County representative Jon Cooper.

He noted that many hostile men begin by hurting animals and that this may be regarded as a prophylactic strategy against violence toward people.

This is a triumph for both the animals and the animal-loving family!

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