Dog with a lacking part of his brain saved from euthanasia and now leads a happy life


It is common for impeded canines to have a harsh time since they require constant care.

Regrettably, these puppies are usually dumped or slaughtered by their owners since they no longer want to take proper care of them due to the duty.

These canines, on the other hand, deserve to be given a second opportunity in life. This story is about a disabled dog that was given a second shot in life by a beloved woman named Jennifer Osborne.

The woman came upon Moose, a disabled dog, in a pet store and chose to aid him.

The dog, who had a peculiar appearance with a large underbite and a constant smile, had a medical disability from birth: significant sections of his brain were missing.

When Moose was still in the room, he most presumably had visual problems, a damaged brain, a misshapen skull, and a crooked nose due to his nose being shoved into his skull.

Jennifer fell madly for Moose at first glance and wanted to foster him to give him the second chance he earned.

Happily, Jennifer determined to go to any length to keep Moose overjoyed and alive.

She stated that she is aware of the difficulties she would encounter, but the most crucial thing in her life is to make Moose pleased. What a lovely lady!

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