When a veteran was having trouble getting employed, this Lowe’s store hired him and his service dog


Clay Luthy is a central California native who grew up in a tiny town.

He entered the US Air Force after 9/11 and was assigned as a C-130 loadmaster at Dyess Air Force Base, where he delivered goods worldwide, particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He had to quit his outstanding career after obtaining a devastating knee injury.

Clay worked as a mechanic for six years until his left knee was restored six months ago, leaving him unable to bend.

He was on the lookout for a job that would enable him to bring his doggie with him for „medical warning and movement“ reasons, and he found generosity and a new career in an unexpected area.

He is a courageous veteran with poor knees who is seeking work that would enable him to keep his service dog with him.

Fortunately, Steve and his canine Charlotte were recruited by Lowe’s, a home renovation company.

Judy Rose, a Lowe’s client, spotted them at work, snapped a photo, and shared it on Facebook.

Within 24 hours, the post went crazy, receiving over 68,000 shares!

Charlotte, as per Clay, understands the difference between her own vest and Lowe’s one.

Charlotte’s Lowe’s vest was created from an old tablecloth by Clay.

The word has spread, and Lowe’s is being praised for their generosity!

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