„Husky led me through the woods!“ The doggie dove inside the package and rescued seven damp kittens in succession


Whitney Bralee now resides in Menlo. She is a 30-year-old mom who is sadly handicapped.

The lady is unable to move, so not only does her family aid her, but so does her devoted and dutiful doggie, a 3-year-old husky called Banner!

When bizarre things started happening to the dog unexpectedly, she quickly knew that the dog was attempting to warn her!

Banner growled at the owner, leaped at her, snatched her clothing, and dragged her out of the home.

„It was incredible since my dog generally obeyed me,“ she recalls. „And then she absolutely lost control and pushed me in an inexplicable path instead of obeying orders.“

Whitney chased the pup into the woodland and deep into the labyrinth of shrubs. And then she spotted a box that had been tossed amid the trees!

The husky dug its head through it and pulled a little, moist white kittie… Then there was another… And yet another!

Whitney confesses her concerns, „I was horrified since they didn’t make a noise and were frigid indeed.“

„I assumed they were all gone, but they were breathing!“ And I have no slightest idea how Banner discovered this box.“

The dog carried the hushed cuties — they were 7 – to her mom. The infants were taken home, heated, and nourished.

Admittedly, they were teeny-weeny — they claimed to be no more than a day old – and caregiving for such infants proved to be a significant challenge for the crippled mother.

But she managed! Even so, the husky had aided her.

Banner stood vigil over the cats, never allowing them out of his eyesight. The excited pup transformed into a serene babysitter who rests for hours next to a swarm of kitties, ensuring peace and safety!

She now exclusively sleeps close to the babies, licking them and cuddling them with her velvety wool!

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