Woman saves «wounded puppy,» but is astounded when the vet claims he is far from being a dog


Andrea Athie was passing along a desolate highway when she came across an afflicted «stray puppy» crying for aid.

She stopped and grabbed the flimsy pup, only to learn that the hapless critter had a fractured leg.

The lady understood the doggie had been knocked over and promptly put him to the nearest vet facility for aid.

On her way there, the appreciative pup snuggled with her and gave her a huge hug. When she arrived at the vet, she was stunned to learn that the pup wasn’t even a dog!

The vet assured her that the bashful and serene infant was in fact a wild coyote!

The coyote wasn’t in terrific form indeed, and his wellness was worsening due to numerous inner infections. The vet clinic hired a wild rehabber to help the ill coyote.

Sadly, despite the attempts, the coyote surrendered to his wounds and died after 5 days in the animal hospital.

Andrea is heartwrenched and shattered by her emotions of the cheerful drive with the affectionate and beloved coyote.

It saddens our guts to know that our animals never obtain timely health care.

Let us be more compassionate to our creatures and provide them with the expert treatment they require. Spread the word.

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