Rabbit guarded these street pups, their big-eared boy got them safe and nourished


There are numerous misconceptions regarding bunnies. Most people think of them as foolish, gutless rats, but some claim that this is not necessarily true.

There was a heartwarming and little bizarre story in Azovo. Its primary figure was, as you might expect, a huge rabbit with a white tail, which is the most popular look, however, this is merely the appearance.

He fostered three pups and became a wonderful father figure to them. And that was the case.

This eared buddy turned out to be a very mischievous creature; he ran from his owner and was never seen.

He then determined to live a self-reliant life and dug it up near Margarita Startseva’s apartment.

The woman soon realized that the bunny is not the only one there. He was caring for three puppies who had been abandoned when their mother passed away.

The bunny fed them and kept an eye on them at all times. Then he didn’t let them climb out of the mink; instead, he rushed about them like a lunatic, shoving them with his nose, refusing to let the doggies leave.

To keep them warm, he licked them. They would not have lived if it hadn’t been for him. The temperature has fallen to –25 degrees Celsius.

The rabbit treated the babies as if they were his own kids, heating them, bathing them, and shielding them from cats.

Margarita distributed information about the network’s search for owners by posting posters across the community.

The girls have already been adopted, and an even owner for the bunny has been found, but he has yet not to be moved so that the last baby does not die without him.

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