This sweetie expects a girl to come from school, and his devotion and affection have made him a star


If you have any concerns about how devout and trustworthy canines are, let’s greet Ralph.

He is a charming Golden Retriever from Lakewood, who made friends with a girl who attends a high school nearby.

They were total strangers, but he awaited for her all day and she caressed him from beneath a crack in Ralph’s fence.

Elisa’s story instantly went widespread after she posted it on Twitter. Dogs genuinely are our soulmates. And here is Elisa, a 17-year-old girl who attends the high school near Ralph’s residence.

„Initially, I was frightened he’d attack me as many, many dogies howl at you and appear unfriendly if you ventured near their home,“ Elisa explained when they first met at the beginning of the school year.

After a few days, Elisa’s friends pushed her to touch him. Ralph was so thrilled and delighted when she did that he lapped and pawed her palm!

Elisa tweeted a photo of Ralph, which promptly went famous.

He isn’t always there, but „almost always, by the time I get to the place, he stays there for me to caress him before I go,“ adds Elisa.

Elisa hadn’t learned his name for a few months until she happened to a man walking him, who ended up to be that cutie with his owner.

„I informed him I caress him a lot, and I asked him how they call him, and he replied Ralph,“ she explained.

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