Since he has a weird and just different appearance, this doggie hasn’t been fostered in a year


When he arrived at the shelter, Wally had definitely had a bad background. He was a 10-year-old homeless doggie who had obviously wasted most of his existence on the streets.

With all that had happened, Wally’s ultimate goal had been for someone to admire him from the start. His new shelter pals lavished him with affection and attention right away.

The doggie had a lot of medical difficulties, such as a terrible skin condition and one-eyed blindness, as well as a distinct look.

Staff at the Animal Shelter were concerned that his rare appearance might turn off probable adopters, but they believed that they would see the marvelous doggie they had instantly fallen in love with.

Danielle Gorle, a vet at the shelter, informed The Dodo:

«He is obsessed with drooling and will do anything for food.» He also likes to sit around and do nothing ».

Wally has a soft heart and all he wants to do is spend it with the ideal family. Sadly, this adorable dog has been in the facility for over a year.

Wally, an aging doggie, merely wants to spend his glory days in solitude rather than in a shelter, where he is getting increasingly unhappy.

His rescuers are trying tirelessly to find him a loving owner as soon as possible.

He would like a home without steps, kids under the age of 15, and other animals.

He also needs a family that knows his medical needs and that all he needs is love, which he will return.

After a tough life, all he craves now is to cuddle up with a loveable family that will cherish him for the rest of his days and give him only positive.

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