A man starts a shelter for elderly dogs that have been dumped


Shep’s Sanctuary finds new homes for older canines who haven’t been capable to find them elsewhere. They may spend their days in luxury, filled with love.

The name is clearly influenced by Shep, a 10-year-old beagle and basset hound mix who was rescued by the sanctuary’s director, Russell, after being dumped to her fate.

Shep likes her stay at the refuge because it offers her plenty of room, a comfortable couch, and the chance to mingle with other canines.

„We want it to appear as warm and cozy as feasible,“ Russell explained. We wish them to be at ease…

He developed the idea for this doggy refuge after volunteering at many shelters and observing how the older dogs were seldom selected.

This compassionate man bought them a house so they could live out their retirement days in luxury, particularly because most adult dogs are in facilities after being dumped by their owners.

Regrettably, even since they have given these canines their better moments, not everyone is prepared to pay for their care in their later years.

Russel stated, „You lived in a house for the first eight or ten years of your lifetime, and now it’s vanished.“

It makes us all pleased to be able to provide them that experience once more and make their final years a joyful experience for them.”

The residence comprises, among other items, comfortable and warm kennels, a one-of-a-kind puppy bath, and a large terrace where the pups may play around peacefully.

This incredible endeavor aids not just the pets but also the facilities by permitting more pups to be accepted.

The puppies came to Shep’s Place Sanctuary on April 6, 2019, and are settling in well with the other senior animals.

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