In his shelter, a man cares for almost 750 canines that no one else desired


Those who do not respect their selfless friendship dump countless animals on the streets.

Fortunately, there are people like Sasha who have been aiding stray doggies and offering them all the care they require for many years.

This guy, who is considered one of Serbia’s leading animal liberation campaigners, opened his own refuge in 2008, which today homes 750 canines.

Pesic’s story began that very year when he was going home and ran into four dumped puppies.

He couldn’t stop himself from wanting to rescue them, and notwithstanding his limited financial means, he started to contemplate a plan to help them.

He could start his shelter with the support of six helpers, providing a roof and food for all of the creatures, and she has been able to maintain it running due to donations from all over the planet.

He knows the names of every animal he cares for, vaccinates, sanitizes, and labels with an identifying chip.

Sasha has rescued around 1,200 puppies, with over 400 of them fostered by people all over the globe. He is unquestionably a terrific style icon for everyone.

This man is experiencing problems with the land owners where the refuge is situated, who have asked him to leave.

When the matter became known, millions of people signed petitions, compelling the government to back down, although temporarily.

He respects everyone for their assistance and feels that the issue of so many stray animals derives from a society that does not search for solutions but rather causes more damage.

„Another concern is the owners‘ irresponsibility in not sterilizing their dogs and dumping them outdoors when they are no longer needed,“ Sasha added.

„I have a baby and can’t take care of the doggie,“ to „I no longer require it.“

He gets no government support, and many veterinarians charge him high prices because they assume he has too much money from donations.

You could be a Patreon patron and help Sasha with the facility’s fixed expenses by doing so.

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