Every night, rescue doggies that have been saved together sleep side by side!


Romeo and Damian are pit bulls that were saved together when they were five years old.

When the Nassau State SPCA found the puppies, they were emaciated, thirsty, and weight lost, and their bones, spine, and hips were evident.

They were promptly taken to a nearby veterinary facility to begin getting the care that they had clearly never had before.

The vets examined the dogs and determined that, in addition to the other problems, Romeo had a metallic foreign object in his stomach.

Both canines have a difficult journey, but the abuse and disregard they endured did not break their heart…

Both require human interaction and have grown to love anyone who can assist them in healing.

Maria, the executive director of the SPCA, informed The Dodo, „They are both incredibly charming.“

“ Their speciality is kissing. They will, nevertheless, need some instruction to enhance their behavior.“

As much as they enjoy people, they have a really strong bond and seem to soothe one another as they recover and await their ultimate permanent homes.

When they nap, they continuously want to hug and cuddle up close…and it’s the nicest thing imaginable.

„They will be eligible for adopting after they have been clinically confirmed, which we expect to happen any day soon,“ Mora continued.

They have been through a lot, but with the heroes‘ mutual help and devotion, they are anxious to continue and seize their second chance.

If you wish to foster them then contact SPCA.

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