Given the obstacles, a doggie born without a neck finds the perfect family


Cooper is a cute pup who has a short spine disorder, which impacts just a few canines globally.

As a consequence, his spine gets united and compressed, giving him his characteristic appearance. The puppy’s family, Elly, and Andy live in Virginia with him.

He had a rough start in life, as he was rescued near a puppy mill when he was only two months old.

He was donated to Secondhand Hounds, a Minnesota-based dog rescue group. They helped him find a new home, cured him of ear parasites, lice, and a hernia, and aided him to overcome the challenges that his illness entailed.

He is unafraid of his physical limits, playing and laughing like any other energetic youngster.

Elly, the doggie’s mom, remarked to the Ron Project, „I am lucky to have his support and the right home for a dog with specific requirements.“

That is not to suggest that there are no incidents. He fell and cracked his neck five times a few months after coming.“

His spine is attached to his neck and lower body, making it tough for him to use the potty, as per Elly.

Nevertheless, having him at home with his new family as a member of their family is absolutely fantastic; he is a charming and incredibly loving canine who deserves a second chance to be cherished and treated.

Teri, Secondhand Hounds Director, stated, „He is an example that pups with disabilities can offer a sense of affection and become fantastic friends.“ We’re honored to have been a piece of his journey.“

Regardless of the fact that this adorable pup wants to live normally, his mom observes that his physical limitations present some challenges.

He just underwent surgery to help with his digestive motions and was also diagnosed with osteomyelitis, a bone infection.

„It was dangerous since her spine is so compromised,“ Elly remarked, „but we were prepared to handle her with meds.“

As per Rachel, executive head of Secondhand Hounds, there are around 30 doggies in the world with the disease, and the refuge has cared for two of them, including Cooper.

„He embodies why we do what we do!“ Rachel told People. At Secondhand Hounds, we root for the underdog, the injured, and the misfits.

These are the species that provide the most because of their self-assurance and zest for life. Coop is no exception!“

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