When a stray kittie finds someone who adores her, she undergoes the most stunning transformation


Nur Hamizah Had, a kindhearted woman who found her roaming in her yard, wounded in scars and beaten from street life, rescued this vulnerable cat.

She was dropping fur and stinking dreadful. The Malaysian lady is an animal lover, and when she saw the cat, she decided to help her and welcome her into her home.

Meimei, the kitten, obtained the necessary therapy from her new mom to heal the wounds on her body, as well as all the affection she needs to heal her soul; the change in her after 5 months was astonishing.

Nur noticed Meimei in her garden as she was hiding behind a truck. He was in severe agony, and she had skin problems, ulcers, and fungus, adding to other health problems.

«She looked to be in severe need of aid and urged me to aid her,» She told The Dodo. The first time I saw her, she had such an impression on me.

‘If she lives, I will look after her and adore her as much as she can,’ I promised myself.

The kittie was dirty and insect-infested, and her limb was gravely wounded, demanding quick veterinary care.

Meimei’s mom remembers contacting the woman on her own to be rescued and allowed her to put her in a container to be cared to.

She worked diligently to help her new friend after bringing her to the doctor and learning that she weighed only 2 kilograms, was dangerously underweight, and had a poor prognosis.

She was convinced that if the kittie survived, she would lavish her with adoration, guaranteeing that she would be happy for the rest of her life.

Meimei, who is now an indoor kittie, is valued and cherished. Her beautiful white fur has grown back, and she looks to be in terrific health.

She is a magnificent pampered kitty that weighs approximately 6 kg and has completely recovered her health.

She is a lively kitten that enjoys feeding, lengthy naps, and other usual feline behaviors, however, she is still suspicious of strangers.

The lady swears to always be ready to help any creature in need, and she is grateful to have met Meimei that day and now regards her as a family.

Nur has an awesome and sweet bond with the kitty.

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