Hit in the head and left to bleed out in the street, she clung to life with each breath


According to ilovemydogsomuch, Peanut was discovered in a southern Ohio alleyway, covered in blood from top to foot, with severe brain damage.

She was immediately taken to an emergency veterinarian.

Her specific circumstances are unclear, but they believe she may have suffered a brain injury after being struck or tossed from a moving vehicle.

They are, nevertheless, aware that she was mistreated and dumped.

She had a seriously damaged eye, but doctors weren’t even sure whether she would live, much less be able to see again.

Doctors and supporters opted to give this sweetie a chance rather than end her life.

After the veterinarian, she was taken to Columbus by the rescue organization End the Suffering, where she resided in a foster home.

As the days passed, this poor creature made great strides. You would never realize the terrible things she has gone through by glancing at her now.

She resembles any other canine and is seen as a genuine marvel! She sadly still has aftereffects from the tragedy she had through.

She constantly turns right and marches in circles because of the damage to the right side of her brain. She has trouble staying calm and struggles with her vision.

She has suffered at the hands of cruel people, yet notwithstanding all, she is still very compassionate and loves everyone she encounters!

After all that happened to this sweetheart she still enjoy the life she was given.

She keeps the life firmly in her hands and no one and nothing can break that brave soul of hers.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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