After observing students using money to buy food, a pup uses leaves to get some too


Except for this lovely puppy, it’s difficult to dispute the common adage «money doesn’t bloom on trees.»

Negro, a savvy pooch, succeeded to get himself an apparently infinite amount of dog goodies by paying for them with leaves.

He attends the Monterrey Casanare Diversified Technical Education Institute in Colombia.

The street dog was fostered by the workers and is now allowed to wander about the schoolyard.

Students would occasionally purchase him treats from the nearby shop, but the wise doggie realized that it was enough for him to quit pleading for goodies since he had a better strategy.

This doggie performed something inconceivable after close scrutiny.

«One day, he emerged with a leaf in his mouth, wagging his tail, making it known that he needed a biscuit,» Angela, a teacher, informed The Dodo.

The black cutie gave the shop’s employee a ‘take it or leave it’ bargain. She couldn’t help but ‘sell’ him a biscuit, astounded by the pet’s cleverness.

Gladys, a longstanding store employee, informed The Dodo, «He returns for treats daily, and he usually pays in leaves.» It is his regular buy.»

Because his false money practically blooms on trees, the shop’s personnel decided to let his purchases to a couple of times every day.

So this fluffy customer comes every day. The brightest doggie left everyone stunned.

«You kind of want to weep when you first see it.» He’s discovered a means to express himself. They described him as «extremely clever.»

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